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Red Squirrel Sheds have a range of summerhouses with many different options such as different window and door styles, sizes and positions. They can be supplied with or without a veranda and to any size.   

So if you require a traditional Georgian style summerhouse or a modern style we will have something to suit your needs.                                     


                  SUMMERHOUSE SPECIFICATIONS                               

  • All timber is pressure treated 
  • 63 x 38mm Framing timber (smooth eased edges)
  • 22mm thick Redwood Loglap Cladding
  • 22mm Thick Redwood Tongue and Groove Flooring
  • 22mm Thick Redwood Tongue and Groove Roof
  • Doors joinery built with mortice and tenon frame
  • Windows joinery built with "round over" detailing
  • 6 Foot (1.8m) minimum height at eaves
  • Mortice Sashlock
  • 38kg Mineral felt roof


Optional items 

Felt Shingles

Opening Windows

Safety Glass (Toughened Glass)




The prices quoted below include double doors and windows to the front of the summerhouse. Windows can be added to sides to meet your requirements.

Additional windows cost £30 each for the modern style and £35 each for the Georgian style.

Modern Style Summerhouse 

 6 x 8ft £1150
 8 x 8ft £1330
 10 x 8ft £1450
 12 x 8ft £1670
 6 x 10ft £1300
 8 x 10ft £1450
 10 x 10ft £1810
 12 x 10ft £1970 
 6 x 12ft £1830
 8 x 12ft £1990
 10 x 12ft £2110
 12 x 12ft £2240










The first dimension of the above sizes relates to the depth of the summerhouse and the second dimension is the width












Georgian Style Summerhouse 




6 x 8 ft£1190
8 x 8 ft£1375
10 x 8 ft£1495
12 x 8 ft£1700
6 x 10 ft£1340
8 x 10 ft£1510
10 x 10 ft£1760
12 x 10 ft£1990
6 x 12 ft£1850
8 x 12 ft£2030
10 x 12 ft£2350
12 x 12ft£2430