Security Sheds

Our Security Sheds are strong, durable and secure. The high windows make it more difficult to see inside but still allow plenty of natural light.

The door hinges have coach bolts added for extra security


All timber is pressure treated 

63 x 38mm Timber Frame (Smooth eased edges) 

20mm Redwood T&G Loglap cladding

20mm Redwood T&G Floor

Doors joinery built with mortice and tenon joint

4mm clear glass

Mortice sashlock

38Kg Heavy Duty Mineral Felt

6ft (1.8m) minimum height at the eaves 


Optional Items

Opening Windows

Double Doors

Steel Roof

Felt Shingles


 6 x 4ft...…£925

 7 x 5ft...…£1140

 8 x 6ft...…£1380

 10 x 6ft...…£1490

 8 x 8ft.....£1650

 10 x 8ft.....£1790

Quality security shed.jpg