Red Squirrel Sheds

Quality Garden Buildings

                                                             Hobby House Sheds


All timber is pressure treated

63 x 38mm framing timber (smooth eased edges)

22mm thick redwood loglap cladding

22mm thick tongue & groove redwood floor & roof

Doors are joinery built with mortice & tenon frame

Handle & Mortice sashlock

Windows joinery built fitted with 4mm clear glass

38kg Mineral felt

6ft minimum height to the eaves



Opening windows

Felt shingles

Safety Glass (Toughened Glass)


 5 x 7ft £750
 6 x 8ft £775
 8 x 8ft £1035
 6 x 10ft £1005
 8 x 10ft £1120
 8 x 12ft £1295